Monday, November 28, 2011

Some General Facts About Babies

Babies are adorable gifts from God. Being a first-time parent can be very difficult especially if you do not have a clue of how parenting works. Thanks to modern day technology, and the help of professionals experienced in the field of parenting, people can easily access this. Though it can be hard to take care of babies since they cannot tell you what they want, babies always have a way of putting a smile on your face.

There are actually a number of facts that you may want to know about these little angels. The first is that your little one’s weight is made up of one quarter of their heads. Furthermore, your dear angel is born with ultra-sophisticated hearing which can effectively help the baby detect where a particular sound is coming from. In addition to these, did you know that the best food that you can give to your baby is fish? Yes! That is right. It is not just the milk which can help develop your child’s brain power but fish.

This works well especially if eaten during pregnancy. In fact, feeing your new-born fish can greatly develop their communication skills. Moreover, one funny fact about babies is that men know more about nappy situations than women. Men can easily change their angel’s nappy in a minute compared to women which can take over two minutes as per a recent survey.

Another unusual thing is that May-born babies are heavier than babies born in other months. They are born at least 200 grams more. Other than these, babies who are still in the womb of their mother are actually smaller than a single grain of rice. Furthermore, if you are going to observe your little darlings, they tend to smile a lot. This is because this is their natural way of exercising. Even new-born babies who are initially blind smile at times meaning that they are not simply imitating you or anyone.

Did you also know that babies have three hundred bones when they are born? But the thing is, when they grow up to an adult, their bones are reduced down to two hundred six. Why? The reason is that some bones fuse together as the body develops. They also do not have any kneecaps! You should also take note that when babies turn their heads around, it is a clear sign that they are already full. It is not because they saw something interesting or funny.

You should also know that your baby is stronger than a bunch of animals. They have strong legs. But perhaps one of the most important facts that you have to know about these cute kiddos is that all the nutrients that the mother eats are initially consumed by the baby. And whatever is left will then go to the mom. These are but a couple of important and interesting facts about babies that you should take note of. Though it may be hard to take care of them, it is always worth the time and effort.

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