Friday, June 22, 2012

Lung Problems In Babies And How To Treat Them

It is important that mothers take good care of their health and regularly take their vitamins because their child’s health also depends on their health. However, there are times that even if the mother is healthy the baby may still suffer from some ailments such as chronic lung diseases. This often happens if the baby is premature, born twenty six weeks of the child’s gestational stage and weighs less than 2.2 kg. This happens because the baby’s lungs are not that fully-developed. Furthermore, fluid in the lungs may also be a cause which is also common in premature infants. On the other hand, babies who have completed their months but lack nourishment may also be prone to this.
So, what are the symptoms and how do you treat this?'

• Rapid Breathing and Grunts – This shows that the infant is having a hard time breathing which may be caused by a lung ailment.
• Nasal Flaring – When an infant is having hard time breathing, he or she may experience enlargement of his or her nostrils. This is to compensate for the inadequate oxygen he or she is getting mostly due to weak lungs.
• Wheezing: A harsh whistling sound made by an infant if he or she is distressed caused by difficulty in breathing.
• Rib Retractions: This occurs when an infant is working harder to breathe. Normally, babies under the age of one breathe at a rate of twenty five to forty five per minute while newborns will have around thirty five to seventy per minute. If this numbers increases and you see that your baby’s ribs are retracting too much while breathing then it is a sign that there is a lung problem.

These are but a few symptoms and treatment depends on how severe the lung problem is. Though it does not cure chronic lung diseases, it helps the newborn breathe better. Since this reduces the stress the infant is experiencing, it will eventually help the child’s lungs recover and become stronger as time goes by, provided, that the baby is being nourished with the right foods and vitamins. Most treatment starts in the hospital through oxygen therapy. Furthermore, doctors and nurses also train the parent on how to care for their child and strengthen the infant’s lungs. The good thing is that there are a lot of children who eventually recover from the ailment.

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