Sunday, October 14, 2012

Creating an Entertainment Area for the Whole Family

Entertaining areas are a must have feature of any home. Whether you’re building your new home or considering a renovation project, you should highly consider the implementation of a usable entertainment area. Not only are entertainment areas fantastic for creating more space for your family, but they can also greatly increase the resale value of your property. Both indoor and outdoor entertainment areas are popular amongst many families, with the final decision often being influenced by the climate in which you live, the needs of your family and your desired design. Read on to discover some invaluable tips about creating and entertainment area for your family.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Deciding between an indoor or outdoor entertaining area will greatly depend upon the climate and neighbourhood in which you live. People, whose houses are situated in warmer climates, tend to enjoy making the most out of long days and cool breezes, with alfresco entertaining. If you live in a colder climate, however, it may be wiser to utilise an indoor living area as a space for your new family entertainment area.

Children & Pets

If you have young children or pets, you should always consider your entertainment area design carefully. While a raised deck with glass features may be what you’re envisioning, it may not be suitable for the entire family. Timber or tiled flooring is often a popular choice amongst families, as they both provide a stylish yet easy to maintain surface. Spills can easily be removed from these types of floor coverings, making cleaning a breeze.

Many families also choose to make the most of their outdoor space, as it allows for extra room and easier maintenance, particularly when children and pets are involved. If you are considering an alfresco entertaining area, the installation of fans is a must in warmer climates. Your entire family will be able to enjoy summer days together, in the comfort of a well-ventilated area.

Contain the Mess

One of the greatest benefits of having a designated entertainment area, within your home, is that you are able to contain your mess to one particular area. While entertaining is a great deal of fun, not many of us enjoys the clean-up! Alfresco areas are a fantastic option for manageability, particularly if you’re installing an outdoor kitchen, with a sink and tap. This convenient feature allows you to clean the mess where it lays, rather than having to cart everything back and forth, from your interior kitchen.
When creating an entertainment area that the entire family can enjoy, you should always ensure that the area is usable. While the designs in the latest architecture and interior design magazines may look stunning, they are often impractical. Create an area where your family can make happy memories together and you’ll always love your chosen design.

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