Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why Do Babies Have A Weird Sleeping Habit And How To Work With It

Every parent knows how difficult it is to make babies sleep especially when their baby has an unusual sleeping pattern. You would hear stories from parents getting stressed over staying up in the middle of the night because for some reason, the baby is wide-awake at that time. The thing is that a baby’s sleeping pattern is affected by daylight and night time depending on their age. Normally, an adult’s sleeping and waking pattern is dictated by their internal biological clock while the other is dictated by their need to sleep during the evening. This system is actually called the “Circadian Rhythm”. This is actually good for the babies since they need to be awake in some portion of the day and evening so that they can properly be taken care of.

However, as the baby grows old, they start to develop this rhythm after twelve to sixteen weeks after. What you can do as a parent to work well with your baby’s erratic sleeping pattern is:

  • Keep The Room Dark: Make sure that this is the lighting condition where your baby is sleeping. If you need to change his or her diapers or feed him or her during this time, make sure that the light you are using is not that bright.

  • Let Your Baby Befriend the Sun: This is important. Not only does sunlight provide Vitamins A, which helps strengthen the bones of a baby, it also helps him or her with his or her sleeping habit.

  • Follow A Fixed Sleeping Routine: one of the best ways for you to work with your baby’s sleeping habits is to design a sleeping routine that you will consistently follow. This includes conditioning the baby to sleep during the evening such as keeping the noise down and using lesser lights.

Though it can be very challenging for a parent to deal with a baby’s erratic sleeping pattern, it helps if you mentally condition yourself in facing these challenges.

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