Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tips In Keeping Your Baby Comfy During Summer

It can be difficult for the baby during the summer months since they tend to be restless because of the high temperature. However, by following the advices below, you can keep your baby comfortable during these hot months:

• Dress Up Your Baby Accordingly: Have your baby wear cool cotton clothes and keep him or her away from synthetic clothing since this kind of clothing keeps heat. 

Furthermore, synthetic clothing may cause your child to develop skin rashes. If you plan to have your baby wear long-sleeved clothing to protect him or her from insect bites, make sure that the clothing is lightly-woven. Also have your baby wear a hat with a wide rim which will fit your baby’s head to keep the sun’s rays from his or her head. And keep away from hats which have elastic support since these can possibly affect blood flow circulation in his or her head.

• Keep Your Baby Away From The Sun: Make sure that you and your baby are indoors around ten in the morning till five in the afternoon, especially during lunchtime because these are the times that the sun is high in the sky. If you plan to take him or her for a nice walk, do it early in the morning. You also would not want to walk out with your baby during the evening because the humidity in the evening might cause him or her to catch colds.

• Have Your Baby Drink Lots Of Water: Babies can easily get dehydrated during the summer season so make it a point to let them drink every now and then. Milk shakes, fresh fruit juices and even coconut water. Not only are these liquids refreshing but they are healthy for the baby too. On the other hand, if your baby is under six months old and you are breastfeeding her or him enough, then you need not give the baby that much water.

Summer season can be a long discomforting season for babies but it should not always be the case.

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